MORNING  CARPOOL DIRECTIONS                                

                                    A.M. PARENT PARK &  STUDENT WALK-INS

1. You may only enter the school at Lake Jeannette Road.

2. Parent park and walk ins will enter from Lake Jeanette Rd.and turn to the LEFT and park in the front of the school to walk their children in. IF YOU PARK, YOU MUST WALK YOUR CHILD TO THE AUDITORIUM DOORS.

3. Parent park and walk-in will EXIT on Lake Jeannette Road.


                                               CAR RIDER DROP OFF

1. You may only ENTER the school at Lake Jeannette Road.

2. You will circle around the school and go down the long drive to the traffic circle

3. Drop off will occur on the side of the building

4. You will exit on New Garden East      


                                         NWEA TESTING BEGINS    

                                           SEPT. 8 - SEPT. 19


                                 EARLY RELEASE & DOLLAR JEAN DAY

                                            SEPT. 19TH at NOON

                                      Note: Hot lunch will be served


                                   NEW SCHOOL HOURS REMINDER

                 Please note that the school hours for CCA have changed

                                  for the 2014-2015 school year.

                                       Start of school day: 8AM

                                        End of school day: 3PM

      Tardy students and parents must still report to the front office for tady slips.


                                        CCA LUNCH PERIODS         

                                  11:45 - 12:15..............K-7th

                                    12:25 - 12:55..............8th


                                             UNIFORM REMINDER

The CCA-CFA embroidered logo will be required on ALL POLO SHIRTS AND DRESSES

                        long or short sleeved, beginning AUGUST 2014.  

Please visit the DRESS CODE tab under parent and student info for the list

                              of approved embroIdary vendors                          


             APPLICATIONS for the 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR

                                                   CLICK here 


                                  CCA-CFA BOARD MEETING MINUTES                                                      click here 


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